Obviously safety for an event such as this is of high importance. 

While we encourage 'fun' we expect all participants and spectators to act responsibly and to respect others and the environment

Wear sunscreen and suitable clothing to protect from sun

Safety boats will be present

All participants must be able to swim

All participants must be wearing a life jacket in good condition that fits correctly and is sufficient to support their body weight

Clothing must be appropriate for water activity - no jeans!

Participants must not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The combined weight of a crew must not exceed 400kg

All crew members must attend the briefing

Participants must comply with directions given by event officials or safety craft


Have fun

Maximum 4 persons per crew/boat

Junior teams must consist of Year 8 students and below at the date of the event

Collisions shall be avoided, passing boats must keep clear of boats ahead

No physical contact shall be made between boats or competing crews

Crews may be disqualified if they do not comply with rules or compete in an unsafe manner


All crew members must be registered on the day and have life jackets (PFD's) inspected for correct fitting and condition. 


All crew members must attend the briefing.  Briefing will outline safety requirements and changes made on the day.


  • All boats will start on the beach and all crew members must be behind the starting line
  • Starting positions will be determined by random draw prior to the event
  • Junior crews may have one adult assist with launching the boat at the start
  • Start will be signalled with a canon blast!


Course will be discussed during the briefing.  It will likely be a beach start to a buoy, then a long sausage up the estuary around a second buoy and returning to the first buoy where a finish signal will sound.  

Course may change on the day depending on tide and weather conditions.

Finish Line

Finish line will be between two marker buoys' out from the start.  Exact details will be provided at the briefing.